Label x is an aspirational boutique brand that aims to throw away the conventional dress code and replace it with X.

X is seen algebraically as the unknown, for us to determine what that may be.

To us X is quality and value, it’s flexibility and wearability, it’s a way to eXpress yourself and your own style.

That means we only source pieces we truly believe will help you, the modern woman, in elevating your own unique style everyday.

We want X to be you. We want you to be brave and feel confident in what you’re wearing. We want you to know that what you buy is designed to last and add a great value to your wardrobe.

X isn’t a size. We believe that women of all shapes and sizes should be free to express themselves and feel confident in doing so with our clothing.

X should be an equation of playfulness + boldness + class.

So go ahead… multiply your style.